The Artist

I am Tara, the artist and creator behind the designs you see here at Simple Blessings Design.  I am a wife to my fabulous husband, and momma to 2 sweet and spunky boys, Liam and Noah.  How my shop came to be, well that's a story!

If you have read any other pages here on my blog, you probably know that my first love is Jesus and my second is my family.  You also probably know that I am a "heart mama" to my precious son Liam, who was born with a Congenital Heart Defect (CHD).  I grew up knowing art first hand, experiencing my first drawing lesson at only 4 years old, by none other than my wonderfully gifted mother.  Through her art career, she has instilled in me an appreciation and a love for "creating" in the arts. 

Liam, along with my wonderfully supportive husband, have encouraged me to start my "creating" career. As a recently new stay at home mom, I wanted a way to contribute, not only financially, but also artistically ~ desiring to raise my son in a creative, artistic environment and show him what it means to fully rely on God as Provider, respect Him as Creator and love Him as our Savior.  This venture is the result of many, many hours of prayer and consideration.  Previous to my stay-at-home-status, my husband and I both worked full time, but due to Liam's health issues the past year, our family decided I should stay home so I could be available for his needs.  The Lord sparked my passion for starting this business many months ago, but somewhere along the way I started to doubt.

Doubt can quickly turn dreams into an unattainable reality if you let it.  The past few months, I've been struggling with whether or not to start this blog or my art shop.  But then I started remembering promises the Lord made me - I will support you - I will meet your needs - You will be CARED for.  I know that He is the one who designed me to be passionate about what I love doing and He provided me with the time to pursue it. I truly believe this is what the Lord has called me to at this place in my life and I can't be more thrilled to finally be residing in His calling.

God is the ultimate author of this success, and it is His glory that I will praise.  For in Him we find our purpose and in Him we can rest in His provision.