Can I just say how wonderfully blessed I am?  God is already using this business for his Kingdom purposes and I am so thankful...More, Lord, MORE!

Thoughts to ponder....

Thought I would cross post this blog post today from Jones Design Company.  I have only been a follower for a little while, but this post is so true, like she wrote it just for me, and I love how open and honest she is about blogs.  May you find it encouraging...and maybe even convicting, like I did =)

We are all the apple of God's eye...every single one of us.

GRAND Opening Day!

I finally made it!  The pieces I've been working on are complete and are available online at my Etsy shop!'s late, but it feels great to meet my deadline and get up and running.   Check back often as I already have a slew of new designs I am starting on for journals, canvases and metal art.  I uploaded some future design patterns here on the blog on the "Designs" page, so you can see what I'll be working on next.  Hubby is helping me design some awesome metal monograms as well, so stay tuned for those!

And for the drumroll's the link to my shop!

Hope you enjoy and please feel free to leave me some feedback!


It is late...I am working on getting things listed on Etsy....I now have two listings up...Yay!  Photographing all my work is a job in itself - Thanks to my wonderful hubby who has been my photographer!  I think some of my listings and photos still need a little tweaking...Any feedback or suggestions?  Oh, and you can get to my shop by clicking on my logo on the sidebar (just in case anyone was wondering).  Would love to hear what you think so far! 

Busily, busily, busily working hard...

After returning from Summer Camp with the children from church last week, I am BUSILY preparing to host my own craft booth this Saturday night!  I am excited, but a little overwhelmed trying to get everything together.  Our neighborhood is hosting it's annual Night Out, and booths were free to residents.  So of course, I had to jump on the free advertising opportunity!  Supposedly over 1500 people have attended in past years, so hopefully we will have a great turnout despite the insanely hot weather we are having. 

My plan is to have the Grand Opening of my Etsy shop a week from today - Thursday, August 11.  I will start listing items tomorrow and over the weekend, but the news blast won't be sent out until next week...So much to do!