Sneak Peek!

Finally got my crafting office-closet organized...

To be honest, I can't say I was actually organizing...more like staging, as I know my space will only be like this for the 10 minutes I am photographing it and not using it! Ha!  I have a great little space I work out of and I just love's actually our 4' x 10" closet in our guest room.  The closet space is enormous and I knew when we moved in, that space was mine!   A couple years ago, we added the recycled desk my hubby picked up free from a job site and shelving from Ikea for storage.  It's just perfect for a crafting nook. 

I decided to spruce up the space to how I would LOVE it to look all the time.  My husband was teasing me when he was watching me take pictures, he asked, "Are you going to take pictures of the other side of the closet?" (looking at the other side where I put everything that wouldn't fit didn't have a place on my desk or shelves)....Umm, lets just say I got my desk organized and that's all that counts, OK?  So, without further adue...Here is how I would LOVE my workspace to look all the time, plus a sneak peek at my first listings for my shop opening soon: