FREE Summer Printable!

Amidst all the world news lately, I am so thankful my hope rest in God alone, Creator of Heaven and Earth.  He is Almighty and He is Sovereign - Praise God!  I am really enjoying experimenting with watercolors this summer - the light and airy feel is perfect for a summertime scripture design.  Grab your free printable by clicking the image below.  Enjoy!

Beauty for Ashes

The Lord is really re-birthing my love for art and creating.  I have never been so drawn to His word and the gift He has given me like this before.  Yesterday I stopped by the Illustrated Faith blog, and the post referenced a blog called Gracelaced.  From what I have read and explored there, she has a beautiful heart for God and amazing creations inspired from His word.  She inspired this piece as I desire to practice some watercolor techniques and experiment more.  I felt led to scribe Isaiah 61:3 and thankful that He replaces our ashes, mourning and sorrows with His beautiful gifts of beauty, joy and praise.   What are you thankful for today?  Be blessed today!

4th of July

While I was creating this piece for July 4th, I was experimenting with my watercolor background.  As the red and blue slowly starting mixing into a faint purple, God was speaking to me about that color representing royalty.  We are a nation created under His royalty - under the one true God.   America has always been a wonderful "melting pot", a mixing of culture and peoples; a great country founded on freedom and hope.  As we celebrate our independence, I pray we remember our heritage as a nation under God.  I pray blessings over our leaders, and all the men and women who serve to fight for our freedom, both physically in military service and spiritually in prayer.

First Art Show!

I will be hosting my very first booth at local event!  If you are a local North Texan, please join me at the Bedford ArtsFest on Saturday, October 6!  My mom, who is an amazing artist, will be hosting a booth next door to me, so it's a two-for-one!  There will be food, entertainment and a lot of fun, so come out and see us!

Mother's Day FREE Printable - Proverbs 31:28

Go love on some mommas!  A new design especially for Mother's Day - Enjoy this FREE 4x6 printable just in time for last minute gifts and cards - Click on the image to download your FREE PDF print! {You may also right-click on the picture and save as a JPG if you prefer **** This offer has expired! ****

Framed 4x6 Print available on my Etsy shop! {Click the image above to purchase}

Home Management Binder: Grocery List

I LOVE this new grocery shopping list - it has a lot of spaces for large shopping trips, and I find it's been easy to use and shop with the grouped sections.  We are trying to eat more fruits and veggies lately, so I made that section the largest =)  It's at least working for my Type A personality who feels the needs to fill all those spaces!  Hope you enjoy!  {Clicking on the picture will take you to the GoogleDocs printable} Lots more coming soon, so stay tuned!

Home Management Binder - First Design

Since we recently moved into a much smaller space, I thought I would start focusing my creative energies on more graphic design type items than the messy, crafty stuff!  My first project will be templates for a Home Management Binder.  This has been long on my to-do list to create, to help me get organized, especially in a smaller space....organization is critical, as we just don't have room for the un-planned or un-purposed things right now!!

The first layout I have created is for a simple weekly overview, with room for major "dailies" such as appointments, playdates and such and also for the "menu".  There are quite a few great resources for these calendars, however, I just coudln't find one with space for both regular "dailies" and 3 slots for meals...So, I just designed one up myself!  I am also starting these out in black and the only colored printer I own is about 15 years old, needs a lot of TLC and I really don't want to be printing on the thing weekly.  But, fear not, I am hoping to get some color splashed versions soon!

Here is a picture of our calendar from this past week....

And please ignore the slight off-print it printer is on the list of things to fix!  I also use L, D and S for my menu options (Lunch, Dinner and Snacks).  Liam and I are not big morning eaters =)  It's the other 3 I have to plan for or I'll over-shop myself!  The template I designed for the printable has standard B, L and D...but again, let me know if you'd prefer my version or a different one.

Here is the blank template (formatted to 8.5 x 11 letter, portrait) - Just click the template to download!

Stay tuned for the series - I'll be posting these FREE printables every couple weeks or so.  And, if you have an idea for one you'd like, feel free to leave a comment below and I'll see what we can come up with!  Happy planning!