Home Management Binder - First Design

Since we recently moved into a much smaller space, I thought I would start focusing my creative energies on more graphic design type items than the messy, crafty stuff!  My first project will be templates for a Home Management Binder.  This has been long on my to-do list to create, to help me get organized, especially in a smaller space....organization is critical, as we just don't have room for the un-planned or un-purposed things right now!!

The first layout I have created is for a simple weekly overview, with room for major "dailies" such as appointments, playdates and such and also for the "menu".  There are quite a few great resources for these calendars, however, I just coudln't find one with space for both regular "dailies" and 3 slots for meals...So, I just designed one up myself!  I am also starting these out in black and white...as the only colored printer I own is about 15 years old, needs a lot of TLC and I really don't want to be printing on the thing weekly.  But, fear not, I am hoping to get some color splashed versions soon!

Here is a picture of our calendar from this past week....

And please ignore the slight off-print it has....my printer is on the list of things to fix!  I also use L, D and S for my menu options (Lunch, Dinner and Snacks).  Liam and I are not big morning eaters =)  It's the other 3 I have to plan for or I'll over-shop myself!  The template I designed for the printable has standard B, L and D...but again, let me know if you'd prefer my version or a different one.

Here is the blank template (formatted to 8.5 x 11 letter, portrait) - Just click the template to download!

Stay tuned for the series - I'll be posting these FREE printables every couple weeks or so.  And, if you have an idea for one you'd like, feel free to leave a comment below and I'll see what we can come up with!  Happy planning!